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We have great pleasure in welcoming you to our website.

MEDesign has been established since 1982 as a leading manufacturer of Healthcare and Patient Handling products which are in use worldwide.

They all have the fundamental aim of relieving and/or preventing backpain - a debilitating condition which causes pain and misery throughout the world.

There are no fads, frills or gimmicks in our product range; only well designed, well made and honest products which are honestly described.

So please have a look round and do not hesitate to contact us by E-Mail,
telephone, fax or even by post if you would like any further help or guidance.

Product Range....

Our products are categorised into core areas (sometimes they overlap) which relate to all the aspects of daily life in which back pain strikes. Click on the picture links to see more.

MEDesign Pillows


MEDesign Leg Rests


MEDesign Backfriend


MEDesign Backfriend

The MEDesign Backfriend

MEDesign Bathboards


MEDesign Walking Sticks


MEDesign Copy Holders


MEDesign Kneeler Seats


MEDesign Web Offers

Web Offers

MEDesign Wobbleboard


MEDesign Patient Hand Blocks

Patient Handling

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