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Welcome to MEDesign Limited

Welcome to MEDesign....

We have great pleasure in welcoming you to our brand new website. MEDesign has been established since 1982 as a leading manufacturer of Back Supports, Healthcare and Patient Handling products which today are in use throughout the world. All our products have the fundamental aim of relieving and/or preventing backpain - a debilitating condition which causes pain and misery to millions of people throughout the world. There are no fads, frills or gimmicks in our product range; only well designed, well made and honest products which are honestly described. So please have a look round and do not hesitate to contact us if you would like any further help or guidance.

Our Product Range....

Special Offers

10% discount on Xmas website orders. See our What's New Page.


MEDesign Backfriend

Made by us. Sold worldwide. Combined backrest and seatbase for outstanding support.


Bathing Products

Products for use when washing, showering, bathing or whilst freshening up in the bathroom.


Sleep Products

Ensure a restful nights sleep with our complete range of items to help whilst sleeping and in the bedroom.


Driving Products

Experiencing back problems and pain when in the car or driving? Then you must look here.


Exercise Products

Keep your body toned and in tip top form or help with prophylactic and physio training following injury.


Walking Products

Take the effort out of getting up and about with our no nonsense, straight walking products for legs and feet.


Gardening Products

Suffer from back pain but love the garden? Maximise enjoyment of your favourite hobby and pastime.


Household Products

Solutions for around the house to take the back pain out of day to day living when doing chores.


Office Products

Ensure an ergonomic working environment and avoid back pain with products for the office.


Patient Handling Products

Our acclaimed range of products for the moving and handling of patients. Save the carer's back!